Un été // B&W Photos

Here is the second part of my summer 2015. I took those photos in June and July. Most of the time i was in Barcelona, but i’ve also quickly been in South Of France to see my Friends.

As the color album the numeric versions of my work has been made with a super antic machine who worked with floppy disk (i still can’t believe what i saw) and so there are some default, but it’s okay i still love it in Black an white.



68980004_Fotor  Arc De Triumf68990003_Fotor Marine Mini feet68980024_Fotor  El Born68990004_Fotor



68990011_FotorCiutadella 68990009_Fotor

68990022_Fotor     Beach

68980020_FotorPrimavera festival





68990002_FotorMy Family
I absolutely loved my summer.

Un été // Photos

Ok, i’ve to explain the quality of those images. I’ve been looking for a photo shop, and i’ve found a small one close from my place where i let my 3 camera films. When i came back, the very very old owner took me in his laboratory saying there was a problem with the numeric version of my pictures. There was this huge antic machine with a screen, and he puts a floppy disk ( i didn’t even know those things still exist) inside and my pictures appears. I saw the result and i said i love it, and the guy thought i was crazy. Maybe i am, let me know if you think the result is horrible, but don’t worry i have a better paper version…

Anyway, this is the first part of my summer photos, the color one, i took them with a very cheap camera from an unknow brand (Solyka ?) that i always care with me.


With my little sister Capucine watching the sunset from a swing. The view was amazing, such a good memory.

69000021_FotorCapucine walking in the street




Opéra69000031_FotorLea and i69000030_FotorLea and Paris69000034_FotorJust Chinese people sleeping69000032_FotorLouvre at Sunset
69000025_FotorThe Lady69000035_FotorGood bye papa69000018_Fotor

  Going Back to Barcelona69000016_Fotor-My second Lady-69000015_Fotor



69000007_Fotor-Picnic Electronic in Montjuic-69000010_Fotor



An other black and white album should arrive in few days. 🙂

PS: The cover picture was the first one of my pellicle, i didn’t touch it, so old school.


Here are some beautiful places i’ve immortalize with my Iphone 4S.

Moments of Life 2 // Kodak Picture

Small pieces of my life, to keep good moments closer.


Almost 6 months that i live in Barcelona, i deeply love this city, there is a special way  of life “tranquillo”.
I’m feeling lucky and inspirate, i’m waiting summer to start a video, but meanwhile i’m using kodak suitable cameras , to capture moments of happiness.

Thanks to all my friends to be there for me, all of you are a part of my happiness. Special thanks to my favorite blondie, for her craziness.

Manu Chao concert // Esperanzah FestivalNumériser 3_Fotor_FotorNumériser 21_Fotor_Fotor

-Barcelona’s street-

Numériser 20_FotorNumériser 6_Fotor_FotorNumériser 11_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor Numériser 19_Fotor_FotorNumériser 13_Fotor-Friends-

Numériser 26_Fotor

Numériser 4_Fotor_Fotor Numériser 18_Fotor Numériser 31_Fotor Numériser 32_Fotor Numériser 22_Fotor_Fotor Numériser 29_Fotor Numériser 30_Fotor_Fotor Numériser_Fotor Numériser 33_Fotor Numériser 10_Fotor_Fotor

Moments of Life // Kodak Pictures

Since i live in Barcelona, i’m caring everywhere i go a kodak disposable camera. I’m doing it because i love taking photos, i love keeping memories of every good moments but most of all i love having the surprise when i discover the result.This is not amazing views or professional pictures but each of these pictures remember me a special moment, i will take care of them.

 Nòstalgic is a small photography shop in my neighborhood Gracia, they are making such an amazing work


– The First Picture i took, just after buying the camera-

Numériser - copie 8_Fotor_Fotor

– One Day in Toulouse –

Numériser 4_Fotor_FotorNumériser - copie 7_Fotor_FotorNumériser_Fotor_Fotor

-My Little Sister-

Numériser - copie_Fotor_Fotor

-My Little dog-

Numériser - copie 4_Fotor_Fotor


Numériser 6_Fotor_FotorNumériser 7_Fotor_FotorNumériser - copie 5_Fotor_FotorNumériser 1_Fotor_Fotor

-Ex roommate, official roommate & me-

Numériser - copie 9_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor

-Lazy legs & morning light-

Numériser 2_Fotor_Fotor

Rote Island, Timor Indonesia // GoPro Images

13 images of my 4 days in the beautiful and very wild Rote Island.

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.09.01

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.08.10

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.07.54

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.07.39

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.06.40

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.06.23

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.05.04

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 21.09.09

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 21.08.46

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.04.26

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.03.28

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.02.29

Capture d’écran 2014-05-06 à 17.03.01

To Go to Rote

Fly to Kupang, cross to Rote by fery or fast boat, then you will find public transport at least as far as Baa, the main town.


Surf & Dive hotel on Rote (cheap, very good food, beautiful beach & near of all the places i took in picture)

Angkor Temples, Cambodia // GoPro & Iphone Pictures

Angkor was a dream, it’s one of the most amazing place in the world and those 6 days are unforgettable.
Angkor was the capital of the khmer empire who was shinning in Cambodia between the IXe and XVe centuries than it has been forgiven and hidden by the jungle.
But luckily it has been found, and i’m happy to share with you some of my pictures of one of my favorite place in the world.






I558082_10202921487221383_183799139_n 1483113_10202921477781147_1043448534_n 1472101_10202921476741121_44778682_n 1476127_10202921476341111_856930086_n 1497553_10202921475341086_148525790_n 1499567_10202921474901075_1902614647_n 1452036_10202921474581067_161708342_n 1450078_10202921474221058_172979066_n 1476213_10202959505691821_741156879_n 1467446_10202959505451815_955248953_n 558813_10202921473541041_1517112363_n 1382135_10202959504811799_918473129_n 1476397_10202959505171808_1895631114_n