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Ok, i’ve to explain the quality of those images. I’ve been looking for a photo shop, and i’ve found a small one close from my place where i let my 3 camera films. When i came back, the very very old owner took me in his laboratory saying there was a problem with the numeric version of my pictures. There was this huge antic machine with a screen, and he puts a floppy disk ( i didn’t even know those things still exist) inside and my pictures appears. I saw the result and i said i love it, and the guy thought i was crazy. Maybe i am, let me know if you think the result is horrible, but don’t worry i have a better paper version…

Anyway, this is the first part of my summer photos, the color one, i took them with a very cheap camera from an unknow brand (Solyka ?) that i always care with me.


With my little sister Capucine watching the sunset from a swing. The view was amazing, such a good memory.

69000021_FotorCapucine walking in the street




Opéra69000031_FotorLea and i69000030_FotorLea and Paris69000034_FotorJust Chinese people sleeping69000032_FotorLouvre at Sunset
69000025_FotorThe Lady69000035_FotorGood bye papa69000018_Fotor

  Going Back to Barcelona69000016_Fotor-My second Lady-69000015_Fotor



69000007_Fotor-Picnic Electronic in Montjuic-69000010_Fotor



An other black and white album should arrive in few days. 🙂

PS: The cover picture was the first one of my pellicle, i didn’t touch it, so old school.

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