Moments of Life // Kodak Pictures

Since i live in Barcelona, i’m caring everywhere i go a kodak disposable camera. I’m doing it because i love taking photos, i love keeping memories of every good moments but most of all i love having the surprise when i discover the result.This is not amazing views or professional pictures but each of these pictures remember me a special moment, i will take care of them.

 Nòstalgic is a small photography shop in my neighborhood Gracia, they are making such an amazing work

– The First Picture i took, just after buying the camera-

Numériser - copie 8_Fotor_Fotor

– One Day in Toulouse –

Numériser 4_Fotor_FotorNumériser - copie 7_Fotor_FotorNumériser_Fotor_Fotor

-My Little Sister-

Numériser - copie_Fotor_Fotor

-My Little dog-

Numériser - copie 4_Fotor_Fotor


Numériser 6_Fotor_FotorNumériser 7_Fotor_FotorNumériser - copie 5_Fotor_FotorNumériser 1_Fotor_Fotor

-Ex roommate, official roommate & me-

Numériser - copie 9_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor

-Lazy legs & morning light-

Numériser 2_Fotor_Fotor

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