Moments of Life 2 // Kodak Picture

Small pieces of my life, to keep good moments closer.


Almost 6 months that i live in Barcelona, i deeply love this city, there is a special way  of life “tranquillo”.
I’m feeling lucky and inspirate, i’m waiting summer to start a video, but meanwhile i’m using kodak suitable cameras , to capture moments of happiness.

Thanks to all my friends to be there for me, all of you are a part of my happiness. Special thanks to my favorite blondie, for her craziness.

Manu Chao concert // Esperanzah FestivalNumériser 3_Fotor_FotorNumériser 21_Fotor_Fotor

-Barcelona’s street-

Numériser 20_FotorNumériser 6_Fotor_FotorNumériser 11_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor Numériser 19_Fotor_FotorNumériser 13_Fotor-Friends-

Numériser 26_Fotor

Numériser 4_Fotor_Fotor Numériser 18_Fotor Numériser 31_Fotor Numériser 32_Fotor Numériser 22_Fotor_Fotor Numériser 29_Fotor Numériser 30_Fotor_Fotor Numériser_Fotor Numériser 33_Fotor Numériser 10_Fotor_Fotor

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