Browsing // Venezia & French Pyrenees with Pentax 30T

Last November, while i was hanging around in Le marché aux puces de saint-ouen, i’ve spot a Pentax 30T, that i’ve bargained for only 15 euros. Best purchase of the year. I’ve decided to try it during the week end in Venezia, that my boyfriend offers me for my 22th birthday. Here is the result of two days of shooting in Venezia. Unforgettable birthday.

Colors of Venezia First sunrise 15095671_10211697754862589_5729471134349704606_n-2Gran Canal Just before i wake him up Lines Piazza San Marco Pier Streetart View from Campanile di San Marco 15170796_10211697754742586_7471103141974451111_n-215178950_10211697753342551_2425332227941720356_n-215094399_10211697755342601_8447245690045457845_n-2Waters Bride Bridge Gondola Pink Sunset

The first day of the year, i escaped from Paris to join my friend Margaux in South of France, where we grew up and met. We decide to go to Joucou, a very tiny village of 22 resident lost in the middle of the french pyrenees. It was 4 days exploring the surrounding, and celebrating this new year. Of course i had my pe,tax 3OT to capture those nice memories, and immortalize our restful holidays.

After Champagne Picture Cimetary Mirror eye see u Field Mambomobile Shadow B002155-R1-02-2 B002155-R1-08-10 B002155-R1-16-18 B002155-R1-29-33 Going back home Sunset